Friday, January 29, 2010

Cool Crafts Links

Here is the place to find links to all kinds of cool crafts for kids related websites and blogs.



Convention Childcare - custom child care for conventions, corporate and large events; meetings, conferences and individual hotel guests.

Tallahassee Swing Sets And Playgrounds
Tallahassee swing sets, playgrounds, design, installation and construction. Playground surfacing, pour in place playground surfacing, rubber mulch, florida playgrounds and more.



Hobbies, Crafts And Self Improvement
Hobbies, crafts, collecting, holidays and recreation information and articles. How to make christmas tree ornaments and self-created gifts. Develop your creative thinking abilities and self-improvement motivation. Christmas in tropics.

Chandler Creations Scrapbook Furniture And Craft Storage
Home and craft storage for scrapbooking, beads, jewelry even shop and garage storage furniture and desks. Plus free scrapbook layout ideas. Organize your beads and paper crafts with our best craft organizer mini stackables.

Michaels Crafts Store - general crafts, home decor items, picture framing materials and services, art and hobby ...

Legend - World's Best Arts & Crafts At Low Price.
The largest collection of arts & crafts. Best quality at low price. World wide free shipping. Check thousands of art paintings, jewelry, home furnishing, apparels, Christmas crafts, antique items, silver beads, books, and various handicrafts.

Free Classic Images
1000's of free vintage & classic movie, theatre & advertising posters, pictures, paintings images of art & photographyity & celebrity autographs for your hobbies or crafts, scrapbooking, card making etc. Wallpaper, screensavers, all totally free.

Pattern Making
Free tips, guides, tutorials on pattern making, crafts & design.



Hawaiian Family, Cooking And Culture
This is a site on our family, our love of god, hawaiian culture and cooking.

Kids Play Dough Recipes

Home Made Costumes - Diy Arts & Crafts Videos
The do-it-yourself arts&crafts video instruction site featuring kid-safe projects for the entire family. Watch and learn how to make, create, and assemble your handmade product from a variety of materials.


SmileBox - Scrapbooking, Ecards, Slideshows and More



Parenting And Baby Articles
Home and family guides provide useful and practical information and tips on baby, parenting, and home study. How to add more value to your home with home improvement. Includes audio, video and free downloads.

Strollers Children, Carriage Systems, Babies
Ebaby. Co. Uk offers many products for children that you can buy online.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Activity Tray for Childrens Craft Kits

Thank you to "Irish Attic" for sharing this next idea which is great for use with childrens craft kits and travel games. If you haven't heard of "Irish Attic", check it out. It's a great blog with lots of recycled craft ideas.

I found this to be a great babysitting tip. I have a stack of old cookie trays that are too grungy for baking that I use for messy crafts like making beeswax candles and arts and crafts painting. One day while babysitting, I was using a tray for a magnetic kids game (to keep all the pieces from getting spread out all over the floor) and it occurred to me that I could at least make the tray pretty by covering it with some left over contact paper. All I had was plain white contact paper which after covering one side of the tray with it I accidentally discovered that the white contact paper worked great with dry erase markers. The kids could write directly on the contact paper, wipe it off and start all over with a new design. This opened up a whole new idea for me - Kids Crafts Trays!

Then I remembered that I had some chalkboard paint leftover from a home office project, which I then used to paint the other side of the cookie tray. I've since discovered that there is also a chalkboard contact paper that you can use if you don't want to bother with painting on the chalkboard surface. Now I had a tray that I could take along when babysitting that the kids could use with dry erase markers on one side and chalk on the other side, and of course the tray itself works great to take along in the car, on the plane, in hotel rooms for childrens craft kits, craft projects, magnetic games, etc.

If you're looking for more eco-friendly green crafts projects using recycled cardboard then click on over to Craft Stick Luminaries. This kids craft project is not only easy but made with almost 100% recycled materials, so it's a green craft project. Green AND easy, ya gotta love that!