Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Candy Wrapper Art Projects

Halloween is a prime time to collect candy wrappers to use in cool crafts for kids art projects all year round.

Ribbons and Bows
Cut each wrapper to the same width and tape to your package as a decorative ribbon. You can then loop each length of wrapper and tape or glue to the package as a bow. You can face the shiny side out or the writing side out.

I hardly ever buy silver leaf anymore. I just use washed candy wrappers and potato chip bags.

When carefully opened and washed the shiny side of these wrappers can be used in a decoupage or collage project, or to simulate a body of water in a doll house or Christmas gingerbread house.

I like to use candy wrappers to cover smaller surfaces or surfaces like a frame where a long skinny shape is best. I use potato chip bags for larger surfaces such as pots, trays, etc.

Antique Foiled Frame
I’ve covered scratched wooden frames with the shiny side of candy wrappers. First crumple the washed foil. Smooth with your hands. Cut to fit, and glue to the frame. Wipe the foil with brown or black shoe polish to age it.

Contemporary Foiled Frame
Cut wrappers into squares or rectangles. Glue pieces to frame, butting together or overlapping.

Mod Frame
You could use the packaging label side to cover a frame for a retro mod look.

Decorative Tray or Box
Any of the ideas above can be used to cover a tray or box. I’ve used candy wrappers to cover a tissue box, then I use the box to store spare change.

I’ve listed a few ideas above but I’m sure you all can come up with many more. Please post your ideas, successes and failures in the Comments section of Cool Crafts For Kids.

If you're looking for more eco-friendly green crafts projects using recycled food containers then click on over to Soda Can Crafts. This kids craft project is not only easy but made with recycled soda cans, so it's a green craft project. Green AND easy, love that!

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