Thursday, November 19, 2009

Children's Sewing Card

In my work as a babysitter in Irvine, CA I'm always trying to come up with new ideas for crafts projects for children and if I can come up with a kids craft project that's not only easy but made with recycled materials, so it's a green craft project all the better. Green AND easy, love that!

Glue a picture from a childrens coloring book, printable coloring book pages from the Internet, computer clip art or magazine onto a piece of cardboard. With a hole puncher, punch holes around the edges of the cardboard shape, spaced about ½-inch apart.

Wrap a piece of scotch tape around one end of a long piece of yarn or string or dip the yarn/string in nail polish so it won’t unravel and it is easier for a child to use. Tie a fat knot in the other end. You now have a free sewing card made from a childrens coloring book!

If you're looking for more eco-friendly green crafts check out this page for Decorative Boxes Kids Can Make.

Click on over to Displaying Childrens Art Projects when you're ready to move beyond projects attached to the fridge with magnets.

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